PowerBlade® the powerful, dynamic and precise CNC fibre laser machine

With the most modern technology, extremely powerful drives, precise linear guides, both longitudinal and transverse, and a versatile bevel head, the CNC laser machine PowerBlade® is equipped for a multitude of applications. 

As well as vertical cuts, the most varying bevel cuts can be combined on one part, for example to produce an optimum weld preparation, and all this in one operation. 

An on-board colour camera enables exact process observation over the entire working area. So the laser machine PowerBlade® stands for formidable flexibility.

Technical Details

  • Efficiency level 20% higher than CO2 laser machines
  • Working widths up to 4.5 m, working lengths up to 50 m
  • The highest positioning and repetitive accuracy
  • Continuous bevels from  -45° to +50°
  • Automatic nozzle change system available
  • and much more

Your advantages at a glance

  • Outstanding cut quality, even with special alloys
  • 70% lower cut metre costs compared to a CO2 laser machines
  • Bevel cutting with fibre laser
  • Low manning operation
  • Low maintenance and low maintenance costs
  • Optimum machine utilisation with the Remmert automation system

For which industry is the PowerBlade® suitable?

  • Contract cutters
  • Waggon makers
  • Yellow goods manufacturers
  • Material handling

For your comprehensive approach to a solution: perfectly positioned with the OmniFab software suite and the automation system from Remmert.

OmniFab - Automation, Transparency and Availability

OmniFab 2019 is the software suite, which offers you as a company in burning and cutting technology a tailor made solution for your order based production. At the same time it integrates Messer engineering technology into your commercial business management processes.

Remmert Automation System - LaserFLEX

LaserFLEX is equipped with two automation units – a loading unit and an unloading unit. After the plate has been cut a fork unit of the new system lifts the processed plate from the shuttle table of the laser machine. Simultaneously the vacuum unit collects a new plate from the linked storage. As soon as the unloader has returned the plate to stock or placed it ready alongside the machine, the loader feeds a new plate to the laser machine. Idle times for the associated machine are reduced to almost zero; even lasers with a high processing speed are supported optimally.  

Your advantages

  • Changeover times of about one minute (for 3015) 
  • Highly automated production processes 
  • Decoupling of the loading and unloading of the laser
  • Integration of laser cutting systems regardless of their manufacturer 
  • The modular design gives flexible construction of the store with tower systems or large systems
  • Reduced idle times for the processing machines

Technical Details

  • Laid out for plates in format 3015 and 4020 
  • Fork system as unloading unit 
  • Vacuum unit for loading system 
  • Standard interface to PLC and IT 
  • Connection of multiple laser units in chain arrangement 
  • Integration in the existing storage and production landscape


Perfectly equipped for the future with our CNC fibre laser machine PowerBlade® , the software suite OmniFab and the automation system LaserFLEX from Remmert.
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